The Team

Kenny Stapleford, PhD

Principle Investigator

I'm passionate about all things science, viruses, and probably some other things too. Originally from Delaware, I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Delaware and my Ph.D at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!!). After postdocs at Yale University and the Institut Pasteur in Paris, I now spend my days soaking in NYC and doing amazing science with our team.

Gaby Noval, Ph.D


Big fan of viruses, I love spending hours in the lab discovery new things from those tiny and incredible entities. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Buenos Aires and Ph.D. in Fundacion Instituto Leloir. I decided to come to New York following my passion for viruses. After a postdoc at Columbia University, I joined Stapleford's lab to learn how arboviruses are transmitted, evolve and infect their hosts. Huge fan of hiking, mate, asado, and malbec. I enjoy spending my time with music and friends.

Margarita Rangel

Graduate Student

I am a PhD candidate in the Stapleford lab and thrilled to be training as a scientist in such an invigorating environment. Before coming to NYU, I completed a bachelor's degree at San Jose State University, where I became interested in infectious diseases. In the Stapleford lab, I hope to contribute to our understanding of  molecular determinants underlying arbovirus transmission and infectivity.

Bruno Rodriguez-Rodriguez

Graduate Student

Originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico.  I did my undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez in Industrial Biotechnology with a minor in Italian.  After doing an internship at the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, I pursued a masters in forensic chemistry at The Pennsylvania State University where I researched on post-mortem microbial forensics.  I then started my PhD at NYU in 2017 where I joined the Stapleford Lab in order to understand arboviral evolution from the immune system perspective.  Besides science, I also dance salsa at a professional level, and I travel the world teaching and sharing what I love.

Maryska Kaczmarek, Ph.D


In general, I am interested in host-viral co-evolution and what factors contribute to emergence of novel viral strains from nature. During my PhD I investigated pathogen-driven evolution of host cellular receptors, and the effects of accelerated evolution of host cellular receptors on viral cross-species transmission. In the Stapleford lab I am studying the evolutionary trajectories of chikungunya virus in the face of mosquito host barriers, and the subsequent effects of viral adaptation on transmission to mammals. When not in the lab you can find me playing ultimate Frisbee and running in central park.


Past Lab Members

Elfie De Jesus - Research Technician (2016-2018)
Petro Leka - SURP Student (2017)
Lucia Carrau - Visiting Ph.D student, Institut Pasteur, Paris (2017)
Angelica Kottkamp - Infectious Disease Fellow (2018)
Catherine Blandon - PostBac (2019)
Karina Flores - SURP Student (2019)


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