Published Work

June 2020

Distinct New York City Aedes albopictus Mosquito Populations Display Differences in Salivary Gland Protein D7 Diversity and Chikungunya Virus Replication

Maryska characterizes antiviral factors and CHIKV replication and evolution in New York City mosquitoes! (

July 2019

Evolution-driven attenuation of alphaviruses highlights key glycoprotein determinants regulating viral infectivity and dissemination

First Stapleford Lab CHIKV dissemination paper! Gaby, Bruno, and Margarita identify a network of molecular interactions that modulate CHIKV infectivity and dissemination. (

July 2019

Chikungunya virus vaccine candidates with decreased mutational robustness are attenuated in vivo and have compromised transmissibility.

Collaboration with the Vignuzzi lab at Institut Pasteur, Paris, to develop novel vaccine strategies for arboviruses. (

May 2019

Atovaquone Inhibits Arbovirus Replication through the Depletion of Intracellular Nucleotides.

First paper from the Stapleford Lab! Angelica Kottkamp defines the antiviral mechanism of the antiparasitic drug atovaquone. (

June 2018

Chikungunya virus evolution following a large 3'UTR deletion results in host-specific molecular changes in protein-coding regions.

Collaboration with Paul Turner's lab at Yale University to understand the evolution of the chikungunya virus 3'UTR. (


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