Arbovirus Dissemination and Transmission

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Arbovirus dissemination and transmission are essential for spread and disease. We are interested in understanding the fundamental molecular mechanisms governing these processes and we use multidisciplinary approaches to sort out how arboviruses cause so much trouble.

Mosquito-Arbovirus Interactions


We are only beginning to understand the dynamic interactions between arboviruses and insects. In this project, we are taking "Omics" approaches to better understand how insects and viruses battle during infection.

Alphavirus Infectivity


Infecting a new cell is the first step for a successful virus. In this project, we look to dissect the molecular details in alphavirus attachment and entry into host cells.

Viral Evolution


Viruses evolve and they do it fast! We are interested in understanding how viruses evolve, what host pressures push and pull on them, and what the consequences of evolution may be for viral emergence and disease.


Innate Immunity and RNA Structure


Viruses infect us and we fight back. We are interested in understanding how arboviruses turn on or hide from our immune response and how the structure of the viral genome may be influencing these decisions.

RNA Virus Replication Complex Assembly


RNA viruses assemble large macromolecular structures and induce dramatic rearrangements of the host cell. We are interested in how these structures are built and the host-pathogen interactions necessary for their construction.